Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today (A Song Fragment)

I find this handwritten lyric sheet in an old milk crate of zines, comics, and personal papers. The Anchormen never finished or performed this song.

I wake up in the morning
and I go right back to bed
I look into the mirror
and I look like living dead

I don't even want to go outside
I just want to stay inside today
Inside today x3

I'm sitting at the table
and looking at the bowl
It's full of Frankenberry
But I'm feeling kind of full

I don't even, even want to eat
I'm too full of myself and me
Myself today x3

Why oh why -- why is everything
Why oh why -- against me
Why oh why -- I don't know
Why oh why -- I've got nowhere to go
Nowhere to go x3

I look outside the window
and I see you on the street
You've got my necklace on
And you're in your stocking feet

But I don't really, really miss your ???
I've got a bad case of the miss you blues today
Miss you today x3

I hear the doorbell ring
ringing loud and clear
my heart begins its singing
my mind introduces fear

I don't know why, why I think it's you
But I hope that, hope that it's true today
It's true today x3


And now you're in my kitchen
We're cooking up a storm
I think it's pretty bitchen
??? my heart is fiery warm

I don't know if we're missing any spice
But I think that, that it's nice today
It's nice today x3

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