Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Newspaper Chase XI

Reasons to Read the New York Sun:

  • The typography -- the best in New York's dailies
  • They syndicate James Taranto's Best of the Web from the Wall Street Journal and Daily Candy -- more newspapers should draw on online sources
  • Publishers Lunch (same arrangement as above?)
  • They include comics-related events in the calendar
  • The Past & Present item
  • Gary Shapiro
  • Arts & Letters

Reasons to Read the New York Times:

  • The weekly Metropolitan Diary column
  • They gave Martin and Eric's magazine Giant Robot good ink in the July 5 edition
  • Two words: Jodi Kantor
  • The Science Times section
  • The obituaries
  • The Weather Report
  • The Metro section
  • The City section on Sunday, but particularly Michael Pollak's FYI Q&A column
  • Stacy Peralta's A Night Out With column
  • Maureen Dowd
  • The Streetscapes item in the Real Estate section on Sunday
  • The New York Times Magazine, especially William Safire's On Language column, Randy Cohen's The Ethicist, and Rob Walker's Consumed
  • The Book Review

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