Thursday, July 01, 2004

Music to My Ears LV

File under: Sheer Opportunism. Let's say you're a little-known R&B singer. Let's say you're looking to be discovered. Let's say you record a song about a recently released movie that's sure to be boffo. Let's say you make the vague claim that it's "the song that didn't make the soundtrack." Regardless of whether the song was even under consideration for the soundtrack, it's a fair cop.

Evette Chris' SpiderMan Song is a slow jam capitalizing on the Spider-Man craze -- and laze, given the transparency of this marketing gimmick.

Singer Evette Chris creatively likens Spiderman to her personal superhero - the ultimate man that any woman would want. However, even guys can groove to this funky track and place themselves into the song as the man that women call their Spiderman.

Um, whatever. Coming soon: a King Kong Song, believe it or not. Give me the Mr. T Experience's version of the Spider-Man theme any day.

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