Friday, July 02, 2004

Newspaper Chase X

Just so Media Dieticians don't think I only read the dailies, I also read the weeklies. If you have additional reasons why you read a particular weekly -- much less a daily -- leave a comment!

Reasons to Read the Village Voice:

  • Toni Schlesinger's eminently domestic Shelter column
  • Richard Goldstein's deconstructively critical Press Clips
  • Boston boy Nat Hentoff (much more important than his Editor & Publisher gig)
  • Tony Millionaire's dual comic strip Maakies
  • Francis Davis' jazz writing
  • The show listing adverts
  • Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug comic strip, which should be swapped with Ward Sutton's lettercol suck-otash

Reasons to Read the New York Press:

  • When they need to, they're not ashamed to run adverts... on the cover!
  • Page Two, which, in the June 23 edition, ran on page... six
  • Neil Swaab's comic strip Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles
  • The Thank You, Really item
  • Jim Knipfel, man genius (and perhaps the only reason you need to read the NYP every single week)
  • Almost-Media Diet contributor Richard Kostelanetz's occasional contributions (I really need to meet him, as I've been sitting on a draft since 1997)
  • The Tech section, just because
  • Jennifer Blowdryer
  • Nicholas Gurewitz's Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip
  • Sara Edward-Corbett's See-Saw comic strip
  • Cecil Adams!

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