Friday, July 02, 2004

Newspaper Chase VIII

Since moving here in January, I've been reading at least three daily newspapers a day. I love each for different reasons. This is the first in a series of what I appreciate -- and need -- in each paper I read regularly. If you have additional reasons why you read a particular daily, leave a comment!

Reasons to Read the New York Post:

  • The editorial cartoon on Page Six -- Richard Johnson's celebrity gossip column is next to useless.
  • The NYPD Daily Blotter
  • The weekly On the Newsstand magazine summary
  • Keith J. Kelly's Media Ink column
  • Rhymes with Orange, Heart of the City, and Dennis the Menace on the comics page
  • Brooklyn Cyclones coverage

Reasons to Read the Daily News:

  • Big Town Songbook
  • Today in New York column, which announces what color the Empire State Building will glow at dusk.
  • Your Neighborhood: Brooklyn section
  • Gridlock Sam
  • A four-page comic section including Mutts, Get Fuzzy, Rose Is Rose, Out of the Gene Pool, Doonesbury, One Big Happy, Agnes, and the Jumble
  • Bill Gallo!
  • The Mini Page
  • The Slammer's wrestling column
  • Meet Mr. Luckey

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