Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Newspaper Chase V

I've discovered another local weekly, and it might be the best of the batch. The Greenpoint Star & Weekly Brooklyn News of Northside & Williamsburg (gasp!) is published by the Queens Ledger Newspaper Group in Maspeth, which also does the Queens Ledger, Glendale Register, Forest Hills Times, and other papers. Much like the suburban Chicago chain Pioneer Press, which publishes the Evanston Review, the papers seem to share some regional content -- as well as feature local, neighborhood-based news.

The Jan. 1 edition, weighing in at 48 pages, features some interborough transportation developments, the new school safety plan, the City Reliquary, a brief history of the Coney Island hot dog, the standing Eyesore of the Week feature, and school news. It's not totally pro, but it's a step up content- and production-wise from the other neighborhood-based papers. I do believe I'll subscribe.

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