Wednesday, January 14, 2004

New York Niches

Time Out New York saved my life. Well, it made my day, at least. When changing from the G to the 7 line at Court House Square every day, I've noticed signs on subway stairs -- one labeled M1B, which makes me think of the Men in Black every time I pass it. I've been curious what those signs mean. In the Jan. 8 edition of Time Out, Clare Lambe answers a reader's question about those very same signs in her What's Up with That? column.

Here's the scoop.The first letter indicates where the stairway leads: M for mezzanine, P for platform, S for street, and O for privately owned property. The number indicates which flight of stairs you're on. And the last letter -- A or B -- means you're on stairs divided by a handrail, and which side you're on. Some signs even end with N. S, E, or W to tell you which corner you'll come up at.

Thanks, Clare. Your timing was impeccable.

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