Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Mixed Drinks and Mingling VII

Last week Thursday after work, I trekked down to a little place Madonna used to waitress at now called Solas. There, I met up with Andrew Hearst, a long-time online friend who helps organize occasional social events for area writers, editors, and other media people. I didn't know many other people there, but I met a couple of friendly Clark supporters, a woman whose book about man-eating lions is in between publishers, and a couple of other people -- including the witty and wise Daniel Radosh. Then my friend Katie arrived, I met her friend Wesley, and I bumped into a couple of old friends from the Atlantic. Once the crowd started to peter out, we went to another bar, whose name I forget (seems to be a trend!), to see if another new-media mixer of sorts was still going. Nothing doing, but I did meet Lindsay, who knew of me -- but whom I think I offended because I'd never heard of her. Seems we once crossed paths in a certain special discussion forum and have mutual online friends. Small world indeed.

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