Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Comics and Community XXI

Also on Saturday, just to jump forward again in time, I met Todd Allen to check out the Big Apple Comicon. Todd helped get me in free because he writes for the New York Resident, and the organizer of the show, Mike, seems nice enough. But it was so not my kind of comicon. Too crowded. Too dealer oriented. Too musty-dusty back issue boxy. Not any focus on publishers or self-publishers. So I got tired of being there pretty quickly. That said, I did find several solid science-fiction digest, pulp magazine, non-sports cards, and rare TV DVD dealers that turned out to be the highlight of the show. Among them, Attic Entertainment Cards, which set me up with several sets of Mad and National Lampoon trading cards, and Brendan Faulkner's R&B Enterprises, which trafficks in rare TV videos such as episodes of Boston Blackie, s-f digests, and pulps. I also snagged an issue of Epi-Log, a much missed magazine that featured episode guides to shows such as Sledge Hammer!

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