Monday, November 13, 2017

Mash Notes and Making Out

Archie's Jokebook Magazine #74 (Archie, October 1963, 12 cents)
Almost like Short Attention Span Theater for Archie fans, this comic series focused on half-page and page-long gag comics featuring the entire gang of characters: Betty and Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Moose, and Mr. Lodge. Topics and themes included surfing, relationships, food, household chores, going out on dates, clothing, the cost of living, fidelity, slang, and golf.

The work is uncredited, so it's difficult for me to know who wrote and drew what. I particularly liked the art of "Champ Chump," "Utter Madness," "Decisions," "Car-Azy" (Harry Lucey?), "Weighty Problems," "Hip Shooters," and "Teen Talk"

Given the brief length of the gags, this is a frenetic, light read, over almost before you start.

Archie's Jokebook Magazine #97 (Archie, February 1966, 12 cents)
This issue's gag fodder includes bowling, telephone use, a student's workload (Rat Race Hal has potential as an ongoing character!), mash notes, alarm clocks, ice skating, golf, fashion, shopping, dating, making out, homework, toothpaste, mistletoe, and kissing.

There are fewer half-page gag strips in this issue, and even a two-page strip, but the overall sense is one of brevity and punchline humor. Uncredited art highlights include "Dress Mess," "The Grid Kid," "Date Wait," and "Girl Talk."

Availability: Older Jokebook gag material was collected in Archie's Joke Book Volume 1: A Celebration of Bob Montana Gags.

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