Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Concerned Citizens

The Shadow Vol. 3 #3 (Dynamite, 2017, $3.99)
While searching for Myra Reldon, Mary Jerez finds herself in a bad neighborhood where she is hassled by a group of racist hoodlums dressed in the garb of the Shadow. "Stick on a hat and a cloak—get out there and tidy up the neighborhood." Then a group of older residents intervenes, concerned citizens.

Mary then returns to the hospital, where she injects the mysterious burn victim with epinephrine. A flashback to 1944 suggests that the concerned citizens might be supporters of the Shadow, "older than we look."

Si Spurrier and Dan Watters's writing does justice to the long-running pulp character as a franchise, and I'm curious where this burn victim in the modern day plot line will go. Daniel HDR's artwork is adequate, if not overly representational. I picked up on some style in the flashback sequence, but not much otherwise.

If you are a fan of the Shadow, chances are you'll enjoy this comic.

Availability: You can order this issue directly from Dynamite. Previous volumes have been collected, such as The Shadow, Vol. 1: The Fires Of Creation.

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