Monday, November 13, 2017

Ancient Walls and Cross-Corridors

Brothers of the Spear #10 (Gold Key, September 1974, 25 cents)
"The Deadly Maze" Pencils: Jesse Santos, Inks: Jesse Santos.

Mysterious magicians entertain King Dan-El and his queen Tavane, then try to kill her with a flower of mystery. Sihamba, the queen's maid and herb-doctoress grabs the flower and runs. It is poison!

While hunting for medicinal herbs, Sihamba is kidnaped by Nyanga Imopo, leader of the magicians. Dan-El and Natongo track him and his baboon-like creatures to ancient walls and cross-corridors, a deadly maze. They evade capture to rescue Sihamba.

Santos's artwork isn't that remarkable—a little scribbly and sketchy for my tastes—but the concept of the hunters maze trap is excellent. The leopard-skin disguises are also interesting, if underutilized in the issue (one panel?).

Not as good as Russ Manning's work, but a fun read nonetheless.

Availability: This issue was reprinted in Portuguese. Russ Manning's work on the title was collected in Brothers of the Spear Archives Volume 1.

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