Sunday, February 04, 2007

Magazines About Music Videos

Magazines about television and TV shows are nothing new, but it's a rare moment in TV history that inspires magazines about specific forms of television programming. In recent years, TV-related magazines have been limited to TV Guide and the short-lived celebrity sister mag Inside TV, ongoing genre titles such as Daytime TV, and single-issue specials concentrating on reality television and other programs.

So I was intrigued by a subscription card inserted in the VHS video box for the copy of "We're All Devo" I bought on the street for $3 yesterday. The 1984 video, which has been repackaged as the DVD "The Complete Truth About Devolution" without the inter-video segments, was apparently packaged with a purchase registration card and a subscription card for Rock Video magazine. Here's the text of the card:

Be part of the rock video explosion! Subscribe today!

Rock Video is the magazine of today -- brand new and happening this very minute! More color photos than any other rock magazine -- plus 4 giant posters in each issue! Star portraits! Scenes from your favorite videos! Rock Video brings you the latest rock video news, exclusive interviews with the biggest rock stars -- plus regular MTV coverage!

For a limited time only! Free T-shirt!

If you subscribe to Rock Video right now, we will send you FREE a handsome black T-shirt with the Rock Video logo in white.

The magazine was published by Lamplight Enterprises Inc. in New York City, and a 12-issue subscription cost $21.98. A quick search indicates that Lamplight published books and magazines in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. Magazines included titles such as Daily TV Serials and Beatles, Forever.

Does anyone have any additional information?

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