Monday, February 12, 2007

Magazinedex: Rock Video (July 1984)

Cover: David Lee Roth. Cover price: $2.25. Cover lines: More No-No Videos!! Under 17 Not Admitted, Unless Accompanied by This Magazine / Over 100 Color Photos! / New Wave Video Stars / Van Halen's David Lee Roth / Giant Pull-Out Posters: Eurythmics, U2 Plus Scenes from All Their Videos! / A Shocking Interview with David Lee Roth by Lisa Robinson / Not Invited to Michael Jackson's Million-$$ Party? See What You Missed (Page 13) / Complete Videography: The Who / Plus: Duran Duran, Toni basil, Art of Noise, ZZ Top

Inside Cover: Ad for 10 Giant Rock Posters! Full Color! featuring four back issues of Rock Poster Magazine and a coupon addressed to Starlog Press in New York, NY

P. 3: Ad for Rock 'n' Read books featuring David Bowie, Rod Stewart, the Beatles, and others and a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 4: Masthead and table of contents. Publishers: Norman Jacobs and Kerry O'Quinn, Editor: Danny Fields, Video Critic: Jim Bessman, Art Director: W.R. Mohalley. Published by Lamplight Enterprises Inc., 475 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016

P. 5: "Video Lowdown" by Jim Bessman -- news items on video LPs, promotions, media coverage of music videos, and controversies

P. 9: Ad for Rock Video Back Issues! Now Available! with a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 11: Ad for Rock Video T-Shirts & Jackets! with s coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 12: Michael's Million $$ Party feature including stills from a video tape taken of the event

P. 14: "What You Can't See on MTV" by Jonathan Gross -- before and after censored scenes from videos by Peter Godwin, the Rolling Stones, Golden Earring, and Mel Brooks

P. 20: Letters

P. 21: Ad for Movie Souvenir Programs! from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Alien, and others with a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 22: "Video Reviews" by Jim Bessman commenting on videos by Berlin, Rockwell, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Alcatrazz, and other musical groups

P. 23: Ad for America's Top 10 with Casey Kasem and All American Television

P. 24: "Doc Rock!" advice column

P. 25: Ad for These Exciting Movie Tie-in Magazines featuring Staying Alive, Rocky II, Joanie Loves Chachi, and others with a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 26: "About the Posters" by Lenny Kaye. Two pieces on U2 and the Eurythmics. The two posters feature a photo of the band and video stills from several music videos

P. 44: "Video Tech: The Panasonic Home Video Studio" by Richard Robinson

P. 46: "Video File: Here's a Complete Videography of One of the World's Legendary Rock Bands" by John Chu and Elliot Cafritz. Featuring: The Who

P. 48: "Lisa Robinson's Rock Scene: Yet Another Week in the Life of Lisa Robinson" featuring candid photos of the contributing editor (and perhaps relative of the technical editor Richard Robinson) with various musicians and bands. Robinson was host of the music video program Radio 1990 on USA in the mid-'80s

P. 51: "Director Dialogue: And Now for Something Completely Different... Ralph Video / A Look at the Videos of New-Wave Genius Graeme Whifler" by Michael Shore

P. 54: "David Lee Roth: He's the Front Man for One of Rock's Most Spectacular Bands -- Van Halen -- and He's Nothing Short of Shocking" by Lisa Robinson

P. 62: "Video Active: New Wave Alternatives from Screaming Mad George, a Japanese Reggae Artist and Generic Video" by Merrill Aldighieri

P. 66: Ad for Crazy Craniums hats with a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

P. 67: Ad for Rock Video / Be Part of the Rock Video Explosion! Subscribe Today! with a coupon addressed to Starlog Press

Back Cover: Ad for Iron Maiden's "Video Pieces" Video 45 from Sony

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