Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On the New Frugality

I've lived in New York City for two and a half years now. And I've almost always made fun of the bottled-water-and-a-dried-lemon-in-the-fridge stereotype of New Yorkers.

Yet it's become true.

Most weeks, days, I drop my laundry off for washing. I buy a bagel or croissant for breakfast. I buy an $8 sandwich for lunch. And I rarely cook dinner at home. If I do, it's at my girlfriend's house... and a shared meal. Not an every day occurrence. Or I go somewhere I want to Yelp about.

Today has been different. And good. (I still wrote a Yelp review.)

Last night, I made a sandwich to refrigerate overnight for lunch today. I ate a bowl of cereal while watching NY1 this morning. I ate the sandwich at work -- as well as a bunch of candy (I need to pack a bigger lunch!). And I cooked pasta and sauce at home for dinner. I have leftovers, which a houseguest can eat when he gets home later tonight -- and which I can partake of again tomorrow!

The pasta recipe:

  • Pasta: Boil some. I like farfalle. That's what I ate tonight.
  • Sauce: Put some oil in a pot. Warm it. Add some garlic (at least two cloves). Brown. Add a can of crushed tomatoes. Add dry oregano, parsley, and basil to taste. Add some dried mushrooms (say, shiitake). Simmer.
  • Add sauce to pasta.
  • Consume.

Money spent: $0.

Value -- and personal progress: Priceless.

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Heath said...

Reheating that dish for three days resulted in a near-Chef Boyardee experience. Still: Worth doing!