Saturday, July 29, 2006

Join the (Film) Club!

I received a DVD in the mail today from the Ironweed Film Club, a subscription service that helps members organize grassroots screening series.

The deal is this: For $14.95 -- I signed up for a free trial -- you get a DVD a month. The DVD I received features three films: Saverio Costanzo's "Private," Marjan Safinia and Joseph Boyle's "Seeds," and Ari Sandel's "West Bank Story." Films range from 20-90 minutes in length.

Members can participate in an online community by publishing blogs and posting playlists -- movies they're watching. And every month, there are opportunities to give back by signing petitions and the like.

I've yet to watch the movies, but I'm intrigued by this project. Has anyone else had experience with Ironweed?

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