Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Pinball Tour of Brooklyn

Last night before the Smithfits show, Craig and I went to the Art Bar on Grand Street in Brooklyn, where they had an old-school Bally's Theatre of Magic pinball machine. For 50 cents a credit, Craig and I played a handful of two-player games in which Craig topped 350 million points, enjoying the mechanical workings, automated voices, and gameplay elements of the game. We largely utilized the Magic Trunk, and given the poor light in the venue, many of the elements of the game were obscured, but it appeared that there were Spirit Cards you could collect, as well as Illusions you could perform. I'll be back to play this game!

This morning, at Enid's we spotted a Champion Pub machine that appeared to be unplugged. I'll return some evening to see if it's playable.

If you know of any quality venues that offer pinball machines for play, be sure to let me know. This Pinball Tour of Brooklyn will continue!

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