Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Event-O-Dex XX

Friday, Oct. 28: Nick Bertozzi and the Smithfits will perform Smiths songs in the style of the Misfits (natch!) at the Orphanage (formerly Good/Bad Art Collective), 383 S. 1st St. at Hooper St. (near Grand), in Williamsburg. 10 p.m.

Update: The Von Erich Suicide Mission's set list included Regions, Tranq, Tap Out, Sunshine, Blood, Angelina, Nacho, El Dorado, N.O.T. Living Dead, and Sportatorium. They also covered the Doobie Brothers's China Road. (Congratulations to the guitarist on the birth of his daughter!) The Smithfits's set list included Panic, Axe Me, Reel around the Fountain, Stab Me If You... (Astro Zombies intro), These Things Take Time (skipped), Child Molestors of the World..., I Want the One I Can't Have, Cemetary Gates, There Is a Light, Hybrid Moments, Girlfriend in a Coma (N.O.T.L.D. intro), and Big Mouth. Spotted in the crowd were Dean Haspiel, Charles Brownstein, and Craig Bostick. Mad happies to the Sad Clown!

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