Saturday, October 29, 2005

Comics and Collecting

The new location of what might be Northside Junk on Driggs Avenue in the block sporting the second-story Woodley and Bunny hair salon and third-floor gym now sells comic books. Multiple bins of bagged and non-bagged back issues -- with "Not For Sale" long boxes stocked below -- offer 49-cent comics, largely known Marvel, DC, Image, and Malibu, panties-and-capes books. But there are some surprises. Along with about a foot's worth of Cerebus and Cerebus Bi-Weekly, I found -- and bought -- the following:

  • Andromeda #2, 4
  • Dalgoda #2-4, 7 (Fantagraphics)
  • Death Rattle #8 (Kitchen Sink)
  • Mister X #5 (Vortex)
  • Mr. Monster #3 (Dark Horse)
  • Savage Henry Vol. 2 #1 (Iconografix)
  • Savage Henry: Headstrong #1-2 (Iconografix)
  • Six from Sirius #4 (Epic)
  • Stig's Inferno #2-3 (Vortex)
  • Those Annoying Post Bros. #13-14, 16-18 (Vortex)
  • Those Annoying Post Bros. #19, 31 (Rip Off)
  • Those Annoying Post Bros. #50-51, 54, 61-62 (Aeon)
  • Weird Fall #1-3 (Antarctic)

What I left behind: Many Eclipse, Epic, and First comics, including a bunch of first-generation American Flagg books. Collector scum, mobilize!

Update: Since when is there a Subway on Bedford?

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