Tuesday, December 18, 2001

From the Reading Pile II
Adam Greene expressed interest in a spare Rentals CD I had, so we traded -- the CD for his comic. Little did I know that I'd be throwing in a review! Written by Adam and drawn by Sonny Andreotte and Mark Audette, The Prince (#1, August 2000, 28pp, $2.95) is a self-published story about a "serial killer that targets serial killers." Adam's writing is relatively slow-paced and cinematic, and Andreotte and Audette's pencils and inking reminds me of many a Faust, Warren Ellis, or Grendel comic -- lots of dramatic (bordering on awkward) shadowing and Howard Chaykin-meets-Rob Liefeld hash-mark texture. Adam says there will never be a #2, which is a shame because there's a mysterious hero, a mysterious undead boy (?), anda character named Corum -- a nice tip of the hat to Michael Moorcock. Send Adam $3 and demand more. And ask him about the New Vanguard, Ikan, Cyberosia Publishing, Broken Boy, Combustible Muse, and New Toys. I smell an indie comics co-op! (Soundtrack: Propaghandhi, "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes)

What comics are you reading?

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