Friday, December 14, 2001

Free Radio
Salon recently published an article on how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act might shut down college radio station Webcasts because the stations' can't afford the exorbitant streaming fees that their commercial counterparts can more easily bankroll. This is bad news, especially because college radio remains one of the bastions of independent broadcasting -- and because if you don't live on or near a campus with a station, the Web is one of the only ways you can access the broadcasts. Take some time today to tune in to a Webcast. I recommend WNUR-FM from Northwestern University, WMBR-FM from MIT, WMFO-FM from Tufts, WFMU-FM (which isn't a college station but is still independent and community-oriented), and Allston-Brighton Free Radio, a great microbroadcaster in the Boston area.

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