Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sonnet #1

There's a ton more stuff tucked into that notebook, including more Rapcrap lyrics and poems I wrote to my senior-year girlfriend Jodie T. after we broke up. Wow. I hope to document most of the material here, but for now, here's a sonnet I wrote on May 12, 1991.

If I were to compare my soul to yours,
I cannot guarantee what I might find;
Humanity seeps from your every pore
Despite a subtle remoteness of mind.
But I have not yet tried to delve too deep
For fear secrets you may not wish to share;
The private thoughts that everyone must keep
To present those who seem to really care.
For I am stoic after having learned
That there are those who are not what they seem.
The wishes shared and futures we for-yearned
Eventually became the stuff of dreams.
Time hastens toward the point at which we part;
Therefore I humbly offer you my heart.

Plenty more where that came from!

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JMP(T) said...

What fond memories!! Hmm...15 years ago already? Happy Birthday, Heath!