Sunday, February 26, 2006

Old School Rap II

I also found more lyrics from my high-school hip-hop "act," Rapcrap. Here are the words for "Tougher Than Before."

We all know you think we're dumb.
Oh, yeah, we really look like scums.
When you see us on the top,
You'll regret it and want to rock with us.
With the best of the best,
The toughest of the toughest.
We'll just say get lost and shove it.

We'll have fast cars and have fast women.
We'll have huge mansions and just be chillin'?
It seems like chocalate with a cherry.
Ask us if it's good, and we'll have to say very.

We wear a little gold. We have a lot of cash.
We never drink and never smoke stash.
You can call us nerds [or] call us studs,
But we'll be the one 's who['re] alive when you're dead from Buds.

Other rappers think they can push us back,
But we'll pull more raps out of the hat.
They better not think they can cross our line,
'Cause [my] bro John will kick their behind.

We all stick together,
Never apart.
If you hurt one of us
Then we'll be like
Corn flake power,
Cracker Jack surprise.
We [break] lamp shades
'Cause we don't use a light.

Wrap it up.

Huh? I have no idea what "corn flake power" is.

Brian A., Steve S., and John C., if you come across this, email me. I think it's time for a reunion.

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