Monday, July 11, 2005

Heath Row Goes to College V

Postmarked Nov. 11, 1991

Dear Mom and Dad:

It is presently 10:34 pm on Sunday the 10th. Today I went up north and toured about ten fraternity houses. While the ten minutes I was at each isn't really enough to make much of a decision, I did find a couple that seened compatible to who I was. These two are Chi Psi and Sig Ep. I went back this evening for dinner at Chi Psi and was really impressed by the guys I met there and plan to go back next weekend. Maybe I'll rush. Unsure at this point, but the initial distaste I had for the greek system is gone. Chi Psi was really cool. They said that a lot of people don't even know that they're there because they don't stress their ties to the greek system. They don't wear letters because, "ostentatious display is not our forte." They have about 38 members and tthe people I met tonight are a lot like me, I think. Like I said earlier, who can say at this point?

Along those lines, the social life here seems to have the possibility to pick up lately. I'm feeling the urge to be more social and have kind of holed myself up quite a bit while I've been here. Some time has been spent being bitter because I've seen other people doing stuff that I wasn't involved in, but I've decided that this is only because I've chosen not to participate. I can't expect fun or companionship to come to me, I have to do it myself. Well, that's my philosophical realization for this week.

Classes continue to go well. Things have mellowed considerably since midterms have ended and it almost seems too good to be true. However, I am keeping up to date on the readings and have begun scheduling for next quarter. I preregister for the second half of my history course on Tuesday and register for Basic Writing on Friday. My other two classed will be Calculus (B14-1) and Introduction to Comedy. The latter will fulfil my literature distribution requirement. I doubt I'll have polisci as my social science concentration but most likely history. I may try a philosophy class and have that be my elective major or try some comparative religion classes, world mythology and whatnot. Still interested in taking that Buddhism class but not next quarter.

Next week early, I shall also call the music office to check on when auditions for concert band are. I practiced last night and hope to start playing more. The ballet story drags on. I'll call her tomorrow. If no movement forward, I'll ask C. if it can run as is and start work on another story. Radio is going well, too.

So that's the week in a nutshell. Have a nice week and pet bun for me.

Love and tunafish,
(Who else could it be?)

P.S. Fridge at Thanksgiving, right?

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