Thursday, July 21, 2005

From the In Box: Televisionary II

I had a discussion with Rich Johnston last month about the GF pilot. I loves it. He loves it. Anyone who doesn't loves it can pretty much eat me.

However, they picked the absolute worst issue to use as the basis for a pilot. No network is going to be able to stomach shooting the guy in the head, execution style, to save the day. Even HBO would second guess that one.

On top of that, in the current climate, with wacky thing coming up at the FCC, I'm not sure a show that anti-military/anti-government is going to get aired right now. Next year, maybe. Not this year, though.

Rich wondered if the X-Files would've made it past pilot stage in the Bush/Patriot Act age. It's an interesting question.

I wish they could do another pilot with a different script. You might be able to sneak that one in mid-season, but that one's just going to scare the suits.

I thought the show would work better if they could get it filmed in the UK, where political content in shows is a bit looser, and then syndicate it or resell it here. Rich agreed and might be suggesting that to Ellis. Not that he really has any say in the matter.

Definite fodder for Trio, though. (I miss not getting Trio on cable. Lovely, geeky little channel. I highly recommend Johnny Stacatto if they're still showing it.) -- Todd Allen

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Assistant Atlas said...

I loves GF, too. And I'm trying, in my own little Ho'wood assistant way, to revive it.
I've read a lot of the coverage about GF and hadn't really thought about it, but you may be right that it could perhaps be a "scary" to the suits.

But you know what is scarier to the suits? Low ratings.
You know what's scariest of all? Not getting any money--especially out of something they produced, passed on, and then became popularized on horribly-bad, illegal-ish, torrents. Also scary for suits at the WB network that produced the pilot: being seen as moronic and/or behind the times.

"Film in UK?" Maybe, but there's already an American production team in place and it's awesome (check frequencysite for more)(they have credits, too)

"I wish they could do another pilot"-- your wish would likely be granted if the WB resurrects the show. Point is, I'm gearing up for a publicity fight with a major network, and I'm just a beleaguered underground, still-ensouled, now-unemployed assistant and I'm taking on one of the largest media conglomerates in the world, not mention the Hollywood system. But thank goodness for a global frequency like Technorati that can bring me to good folks like you.

And so I'm going to explain how people who want to can help more, soon. Unless the WB listens, and puts it on their 2006 Fall Lineup [most of shows in place would be hard to dislodge--remember, this is the WB, not Fox]. In which case we'll be sorry for the piracy and happy with their very-fine development team again.

Sorry for the lengthy commentary, but as they say great minds can write a lot to each other. Or something like that.

PS-I LOVE TRIO--I MISS IT SO MUCH, but I'm poor and it was that or HBO, and the big boys one in this case.