Monday, April 26, 2004

Virtual Book Tour 4 IV

Time to catch up with Danyel Smith, who stops by Media Diet today as part of the Virtual Book Tour. I've encouraged her to write about some of the books, magazines, TV shows, movies, songs, and other media artifacts mentioned in he novel More Like Wrestling. Doing so will not only expand on and help annotate the novel; it'll provide some insight on Danyel's tastes and media memories.

Last week Wednesday, Danyel swung by Dashes to compare Oakland and Brooklyn. On Thursday, Claire "The Loon" Zulkey interviewed Danyel about writing. April 23, George Kelly interviewed Danyel via audioblog. Saturday, Jane Pinckard shares some of her Oakland memories circa 1986. And Confessions of an Indie Filmmaker will publish an interview with Danyel soon, as well.

I hope Media Dieticians everywhere will give Danyel a warm welcome when she stops by. I'm happy to have her join me as guest host!

Update: Danyel will be checking in later, as she's currently occupied otherwise. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Charlie Atkins said...

The virtual book tour is still going strong - there's hope for future historians yet!