Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Music to My Ears XVII
Josh Benton works as a reporter for a newspaper in Dallas that I probably shouldn't mention or link to. On the side, he runs a project called the CD Mix of the Month Club. The deal is simple -- and similar to other mix trade projects I've participated in via the Well or Echo. You send Benton a mix CD; he sends you a mix CD. He goes so far as to post the past playlists so you can get a sense of how his tastes run, and after looking at the October 2002 mix, I'm thinking I need to send him a mix of my own.

Inspired by Benton and reminded of past mix exchanges, let me offer this. If you send me a mix tape or CD, I will reciprocate. My address is on the left-hand side of this very page. During the CoF Roadshow, I snagged all sorts of great local music between Richmond, Virginia, and Burlington, Vermont. Let's trade tuneage!

Thanks to Just One Thing.

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