Sunday, November 03, 2002

Comics and Commentary II
A friend of mine is studying at New York University with a fellow named Scott Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum's online comic, the History of Mortimer Pyle, riffs slightly on the Scott McCloud school of online comics -- perhaps it's a Scott thing. Regardless, Rosenbaum's starting to look into publishers for his comic, and my friend touched base to see what I thought.

The book is conceived as a 5"-by-5" book, with four panels per page. It doesn't really strike me as Highwater Books, Top Shelf Comics, or Alternative Comics material, much less Fantagraphics or Drawn & Quarterly. Maybe the folks who publish Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet and other online -- and related -- comics?

My initial reaction is that the comics might best be left online given their look and feel, but feel free to email Rosenbaum with your own comments and suggestions.

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