Friday, December 29, 2017

Living a Fantastic Life

Marvel 2-In-One #1 (Marvel, February 2018, $3.99)
I was very much looking forward to this book. While not a return or new volume of the old Thing team-up book Marvel Two-In-One, the new series is very much a return of the Fantastic Four—or, well, two—as Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, team up again. We haven't seen issue of Fantastic Four—or even a story—for a couple of years now, and I am hopeful as heck that we'll see a return one way or another. They are much missed.

So don't miss this potential sleeper of a comic. Written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Jim Cheung, this comic is a solid homage to the stories of the past—and a welcome new focus and direction for the remaining team members. Johnny Storm is struggling, concerned about losing his powers over time, and pushing himself—testing himself—in risky ways. He and Grimm are estranged, but Spider-Man encourages the Thing to reach out to Storm, even giving him the keys to a storage unit chock full of stuff from the old Baxter Building.

There, the Thing finds his old chair, plenty of memories, the Fantasticar—and Doom! Doom is there to return something he pilfered from the Baxter Building: an orb intended for Grimm to access upon Reed Richards's death. Richards leaves the Thing a device called the Multisect and encourages Grimm to continue living a fantastic life—with the Human Torch, as well.

The two heroes reunite, albeit uncomfortably, and will soon head to Monster Island to look for the device. I bet Doom wants that device. This comic has all the signs of a promising new series, as well as the return of a much-missed force in Marvel comics.

Availability: This issue is available online. I also recommend Essential Marvel Two-In-One Volume 1 and Fantastic Four Epic Collection: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine.

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