Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Amateur Nature

Yeet Presents #16 (Cost of Paper, September 2017, free)
Published by comic book fans for fans, Yeet Presents has showcased aspiring comics writers and artists since 1994. Previously published as a half-legal comics digest, the anthology comic—similar to a smaller press Charlton Arrow—is now a full-format 36-page comic.

The comic opens with an eight-page Guardians of the Blue story by Mac of Bionight. It's part three of chapter one, and this issue's segment seems to start with page 20, so a lot has already happened—and it's not entirely clear what is happening now. You might want to get the previous issues. There's a team of superheroes, one of them doesn't want Lightning to damage the plants in the forest, and they're looking for someone named Daimon—but they find something else entirely. The computer-aided backgrounds give the pages a busy quality, but the art's not bad for an amateur comic.

Greta Fantini offers four pages of Malerba art and story. The too-brief encounter with the diminutive character reminded me of Warriors of the Shadow Realm, Tinkerbell, and Neil the Horse of all things—and more of Famtimi's work would be welcome.

It's an abrupt shift to Theodore Raymond Riddle's Compu-M.E.C.H., a mechanically enhanced and computerized hero controlled by Tommy Chase under the tutelage of Dr. Green. In this installment, a seven-page issue #0, the Mech unit extinguishes flames engulfing a Los Angeles that looks more like San Francisco. While editor Mike Jones compared Riddle's work to Ditko and Kirby, it reminded me a little of Grass Green for some reason.

The issue closes with three pages of Eli Jansen's Eternal Life International, which is over-dark and cluttered, and an art gallery featuring Wonderman and the Black Fury, both of which show promise.

Given its amateur nature, Yeet is a mixed bag, but there's enough good among the less good to make it worth reading. Kudos to all involved!

Availability: Write Cost of Paper Comics care of Mike Jones, 3257 Kneeland Circle, Howell, MI 48843. TwoMorrows published Grass Green's Xal-Kor the Human Cat.

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