Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Value and Power of Monuments

All-Star Batman #9 (DC, 2017, $4.99)
I usually don't read this series, but a relatively recent issue reference in another Batman title inspired the completist in me to pick it up. With heavier cover stock, a higher cover price, and writing by Scott Snyder, and art and cover—an awesome cover!—by Jock, All-Star Batman is a prestige format comic that makes good on its promise.

Batman, the Blackhawks, and Ra's Al Ghul collide in our nation's capital. The combat between Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne with a bayoneted musket rifle is a clever use of old weaponry. Al Ghul's commentary on the metaphorical value and power of monuments, and his using the Washington Monument as a broadcast antenna are also innovative ideas.

This issue also features a backup story written by Snyder that features the art of Francesco Francavilla, Dynamite Comics's favorite Italian. The story serves as a lead in to Dark Days: The Forge.

Availability: All-Star Batman #9 was reprinted in All-Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth.

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