Monday, October 30, 2017

Soldiers Are Never Alone

Bloodshot's Day Off #1 (Valiant, July 2017, $3.99)
I've never read many Valiant comics but remember when the line was first introduced in 1989. I've been intrigued by the universe and characters but never really explored them until recently, with the recent renaissance of titles.

I'm sure this one shot and lead in to the forthcoming Bloodshot Salvation series (this issue includes a five-page sneak preview) isn't your usual Bloodshot comic, but it is a fun read all the same.

Bloodshot is a kind of near-invincible super soldier. There's more than one, and they're drawn from different eras, despite their similar appearance. Tank Man, for example, comes from World War II, while Viet Man was created during... you guessed it!

This one shot's gambit is that the two fore-named Bloodshots are both given furlough days. Despite their different background and experiences, they end up spending their days in very similar ways: revisiting the past of their families, tying off loose ends, and in the end, remembering that soldiers are never alone.

It's a worthy sentiment, and Eliot Rahal's writing and Khari Evans's artwork carry the message well. Similarly, the sneak preview written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Lewis LaRosa bodes well for the new series. Be sure to check it out—Valiant seems to be on the upswing.

Availability: You can order this online from Comixology. Bloodshot U.S.A. collects Lemire's previous Bloodshot series.

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