Monday, December 04, 2006

The 12 Rules of the DimeDine Dozen

1. There will be a maximum of 12 DimeDine cities
2. Each will follow the 10 Rules of DimeDine
3. Each DimeDine city will be led by a facilitator
4. Each facilitator will secure a book publisher and record label willing to provide one (1) book or record for each DimeDine participant (100 a year)
5. Only facilitators can vote on DimeDine concerns
6. DimeDine Concerns will be chosen by the Prime Facilitator
7. Each facilitator has 12 vote points to allocate among vote concern options
8. If a DimeDine facilitator reneges on 12 votes, their position will be voided
9. Each remaining facilitator will be able to nominate 12 replacements
10. DimeDine facilitator replacements will be chosen by the remaining facilitators
11. If a DimeDine city is demoted, each remaining facilitator will be able to nominate 12 additional cities
12. The Prime Facilitator can be replaced only by a unanimous vote of the existing 12 local facilitators

Want to "run" a DimeDine? Email me.

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