Monday, December 04, 2006

The 10 Rules of DimeDine

1. DimeDine dinners will be held on the 10th day of each month
2. 10 people will be allowed to participate in each individual dinner
3. 10 dinners will be held each year
4. Each dinner will cost 10 cents (plus the cost of each member's individual order; participants are responsible for the cost of their own meals, plus their equal share of tax and tip [20%])
5. RSVPs are due 10 days before each scheduled dinner
6. If a member reneges on 10 positive RSVPs, their membership will be voided
7. Each new member will be able to invite 10 friends
8. Each month, 10 participants will receive a book and record of the organizer's choosing
9. Every 10 months, in the 10th month, there will be an all-member event
10. DimeDine will be facilitated by a group of 12 members (plus a Prime Facilitator)

Want to "run" a DimeDine? Email me.

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