Thursday, October 05, 2006

Comic Index: Archie #569

November 2006
$2.25, Archie Comics

Cover: (Stan Goldberg and Bob Smith) Distracted by a teeing-off Veronica, a love-struck Archie almost runs down Mr. Lodge with a golf cart.

How to Survive High School! (Script: Angelo Decesare, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inking: Bob Smith, Editor: Victor Gorelick) Two minutes late to school, Archie jumps through a window, narrowly avoiding the principal. He sneaks into his first class, where everyone is asleep, and proceeds to offer his advice. Act sick. Lose your homework. Create distractions. Act like you're from another solar system. In the end, it doesn't quite work. (Six pages.)

Come Blow Your Horn (Script: Craig Boldman Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) Because the band the Archies don't get written up in "The Music Rag," Archie, Jughead, and Veronica try to come up with a new sound. Their solution: Mr. Lodge's alphorn. Hilarity -- and an international incident -- ensues. (Five pages.)

Clean up Your Act! (Script: Mike Pellowski, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) While working at a grocery store, Archie often has to clean up. At home, Archie... often has to clean up. (Five pages.)

Feeling Fuelish (Script: George Gladir, Pencils: Stan Goldberg, Inks: Bob Smith) Ripped from the headlines of today, Archie and Jughead comment on the high price of gasoline. After envisioning several possible futures, Archie offers to walk to the grocery store, which is only a few blocks away. (Six pages.)

Comments: There are another two and a half pages of ads for Avatar, as well as a page of fan art. Fan art contributors include Felicia Probert, Phillip McDonald, and Samantha Zuckerman.

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