Thursday, October 05, 2006

Comic Index: The Amazing Spider-Man #535

November 2006
$2.99, Marvel Comics

Cover: (By Ron Garney) An iron-clad Spider-Man and Iron Man get up in each others's grills.

Civil War
Part Four of Six: The War at Home

(Writer: J. Michael Straczynski, Penciler: Ron Garney, Inker: Bill Reinhold, Editor: Axel Alonso)

Mary Jane wakes early in the early morning to find an uneasy Peter Parker watching the TV news about an uptick in defense-related stocks. Uncomfortable about possible monetary gain by Stark Enterprises, he confronts Tony Stark, who takes him to Fantastic Four Inc. to show him the new holding facilities. Reed Richards indicates that the rest of the team has abandoned him before letting Peter and Tony enter the Negative Zone, where the facilities are located. They see several cells before Peter confronts Tony again, and they argue, discussing the value of the law and loyalty. On the way out, Peter talks to Reed, who recounts a story about his uncle Ted, who was involved in the Un-American Activities Committee hearings during the McCarthy era -- and who was blacklisted because of his stance. Peter decides he wants out -- only to find himself in battle with Iron Man... as Spider-Man. (21 pages, continued)

Advertising: There are several ads -- two and a half pages -- for the Nickelodeon anime Avatar: Secret of the Fire Nation, which aired Sept. 15 -- way before I received my subscription copy.

Warning: Pogs are back. And this time they're made by Funrise.

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