Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thought for Food VI

For the last year, almost, I've occasionally ordered food via ZipMenu, the Brooklyn and Staten Island counterpart of Manhattan-bound MenuPages.

Today, ZipMenu's team emailed me, as a customer, to let me know that they've been acquired by Delivery.com. Apparently, my ZipMenu membership didn't carry over -- despite the service's promise of 2,000 DeliveryPoints, I'm unable to log in with what I'm sure is my existing account information. I've just emailed them to see what the deal is.

They just emailed me back via robot. They'd set my password as my email address. Huh! Doing a quick search, I only find three restaurants currently serving my neighborhood -- and very few, if any, maybe one of the restaurants previously included. ZipMenu just got a whole lot less interesting!

Earlier this evening, they even sent a followup message:

We just wanted to ask for your patience again as we continue to update menus and bring them up on our site. Many were out of date, which caused problems with orders. We hope to have all the restaurants you knew on zipmenu up on Delivery.com in the next several days, with additional ones in some areas.

Like all mergers, there seem to have been some rough edges to make smooth, but I'm excited about the idea of expanded service in my area! I also hope that ZipMenu's high level of customer of service carries over. In the past, I've emailed ZipMeny about delivery area exceptions, refunds, and the like, and someone from the service emailed me back personally. The robot is slightly disappointing, albeit understandable.

Fingers crossed that they work out the kinks!

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Anonymous said...

Try http://nyc.grubhub.com. We're based in Chicago and are currently expanding to NYC... so there isn't a complete listing set, but we should have more than 3 options.

Our goal is to list every restaurant that delivers with their menu and phone number so you can call.

Its totally free, we're just trying to tell people, "Who Delivers."