Thursday, September 14, 2006

Small Office, At Home Office

Not too long ago, I thought I might be working from home for a good amount of time, so I started outfitting my home office in the front room overlooking McGolrick Park. Then I got a full-time job instead of finding a bunch of projects as partially intended.

Tonight, during a rare evening at home this week after a week-plus of travel, I finally got the home office whipped into shape. I hooked up my new HP Deskjet D4160 printer. I put together my new D500P(N) task chair with adjustable arm. And I tested whether I can actually use my Airport-thrown wifi while sitting and working in the front room.

The printer works -- I just printed out my Yelp reviews of the Greenpoint places of interest I frequent for a new neighbor next door. The chair works; I'm sitting on it, sans arm(s). And the wifi works -- calloo, callay!

My laptop is perched on a folding table that reminds me of church growing up, and it's dark -- so I can't see the park.

But I have a home office. And it's comfortable. Easy, even. I can feel the evening breeze, hear occasional cricket song, and there's a steady undercurrent of traffic hum from the BQE.

Not bad. Maybe this SOHO thing is more than I thought it was!

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Anonymous said...

hello - ame across your blog while searching for info on how to set up D4160 for wireless - I tried to get it going on my Airport Express but to no avail - get error -9672 when attmpt to add it to my printer list in MacOS 10.4.8. What is your set up? Thanks much