Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not Down with CGC

I'm at home, watching DVR'd X-Files reruns, and I see that CGC's Music is a shared library in my iTunes. But unlike jblazinny oodles of time ago, CGC's music library isn't accessible.

Boo. And hiss.

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Joe said...

Is CGC's library password protected? iTunes has a limitation that unprotected libraries can only be "shared" a limited number of times each day.

When I go up to Northwestern to do my radio show, I see lots of student iTunes shares and they are mostly protected, but often they put the actual password in the name of their shared library because they are just trying to circumvent that limitation.

So, perversely, CGC may be trying harder to share.

But what network are you on at home that you are even seeing someone elses iTunes share? Do you have a collective wireless network or something?