Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fishnet Girl

I wrote this February 1, 1991 -- at exactly 5:41:17 p.m., it seems. I have edited in the paragraph breaks, which do not appear in the original, handwritten "manuscript."

Scurrying hurriedly through crowded halls,
Trapped between these concrete walls,
I suffocate.

The faceless clot of human mass,
Flitting through this maze like rats,
I lose myself.

Emotion lacking, sincerity gone,
They lie and cheat to get their bone.
I witness.

I lose myself amongst the crowd,
sucked into them, fast and loud,
I flounder.

She stands out, an island of light,
Leading the way through moon-soaked night.
I follow.

Look at her legs.
Taste her lips.
Fingers through hair.
Hands cup hips.

I die.

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