Friday, August 19, 2005

Libraries I Like II

The head of DePaul University's Special Collections and Archives, Kathryn DeGraff, emailed me today with an update on the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection:

After some years with little attention, a volunteer with interest in the Zine collection surfaced here over a year ago. Bradley Harris worked to get the materials from the UPC sessions and collecting in order. In the course of working with him, I realized there was renewed interest in the overall zine collection and have have allocated some staff time to work on it and with it. We have completed the UPC materials - we're calling it the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection to clearly define the collecting scope. Your material is all that really comes close to our original intent to build an archives of a zine publisher. And in the way of things coming together, we have a new volunteer, Keith Helt who has begun work on your materials. It's a way from being done yet, but if you want to take a look at what we have done already, you can. We plan an exhibit for the fall, and with a workshop scheduled here at DePaul, through the Visual Arts Education program in the School of Education in September, I think the time might be good for the overall collection to take on new life.

Good news indeed! I have several boxes of materials I need to send DePaul -- be sure to check out their online catalog!

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