Sunday, August 21, 2005

Elementary Warblogging

This weekend, I found this "essay" that I wrote in third grade back in 1982 or so. It was written in pencil on handwriting paper.

If I were President I would go all by myself to Iran and free all the hostages. And if I could pick Vice President I think I would pick P.B. I think I picked her because I liked her in Second grade and if she diden't like the job I would pick Miss B. and if she dident like the job. I would have the whole Army take the job and if they dident I would take the job. And if I dident take the job well I dont know. Maybe if my wife took me to McDonalds every night I would take the job not yes but maybe ya hear. Now dont go whopee I said maybe okay okay okay this is a recording no not realy its me Ronald Reagon talking okay belive me I am Ronald McDonald I make Cheese Burgders and Fris with onions and other fixens and a coke no not realy I am Ronald Reagon and I dont make Cheese Burgers or Fris I work at nenos and I make steaks and potatoes and milk or coffee and instead of just working at nenos I work at the white house and at a toy store and a used car shop or I would work always at the white house. the end

If you need any more help from me, Mr. Bush, you know where to find me.

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