Friday, June 24, 2005

Vinyl Solution

Since I moved to New York two Januarys ago, I've not been listening to as much music for some reason. I don't listen to music at home, I'm not to going as many shows, and I'm not buying as many records.

Most recently it's because my turntable hasn't been working properly. Isolating the problem in the old turntable's cables, I bought a new turntable not long ago -- and much to my dismay. I'm just not satisfied with my new Audio Technica AT-PL50 belt drive turntable. Not only does it feel cheap by comparison, I don't like the tone arm's action, and the stylus appears to be shot -- straight out of the box.

So I've ordered an upgrade kit from LP Gear. Hopefully the different stylus -- and belt, which I'm not sure I'll use -- will make all the difference.

If not, I bought the wrong turntable -- and older is better than newer.

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