Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Products I Love XIV

For a handful of years now, I've had a mountain-climbing caribiner attached to the shoulder strap of my satchel. I've used it to hold a small thermometer, a thermos, my canvas lunch sack, and an umbrella as I walk around the towns I've lived in.

This morning, it broke. Somehow, while in transit from Greenpoint to Midtown, the caribiner bent back on itself, and the spring insertion that maintained the tension to keep the cariibiner closed, came out. I've been unable to fix it.

While Back Country Gear offers a wide range of caribiners, it seems silly to mail order just one -- $4 S&H on a $6 item. So I turn to finding a retail store in New York City that sells caribiners.

ClimbNYC indicates that Paragon Sports at Broadway and 17th sells climbing gear. Do any Media Dieticians know where I can pick up a caribiner or two in New York City?

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