Monday, January 03, 2005

Pieces, Particles XIX

The following stories spotted recently in print publications might be worth a look. Heads and decks, only. Heads and decks.

25 or 6 to 1984, by Dave Queen, Village Voice, Dec. 22, 2004
Bottoms up! OU812! 5150! Hike! Stop! Hammer-on time!

Cartoon Web Spinner Out to Conquer Another Front, by George Gene Gustines, New York Times, Dec. 23, 2004

Eddie Layton, a New York Sports Fixture, Is Dead, by Richard Goldstein, New York Times, Dec. 27, 2004
He knew little about baseball when he became the Yankees' organist in 1967.

Fade to Black, by Jim Rasenberger, New York Times, Jan. 2, 2005
For 123 years, parts of Manhattan have been illuminated by the brand of electricity favored by Thomas Edison. By the end of the year, it will flicker to a close.

The Last Laugh (for Now), by Dave Barry, Daily News, Jan. 2, 2005
I'm taking a break before I join the hordes who say I used to be funnier

Super Books About Superbeings, by Frank C. Rizzo, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dec. 26, 2004
Newspaper cartoons are the focus of one; comics' evolution fills another

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