Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Music to My Ears LXI

Back in the early '90s, while in college, one of the cutest girls in the world introduced me to the music of David Garza. Based in Austin, Texas, and an occasional contributor to the Austin Chronicle, Garza continues to release interesting, important music. In fact, he just came out with a multiple-CD project featuring something like 70 songs.

At the time, his appeal for me sat largely in the lap of his band Twang Twang Shock-a-Boom. I cannot find the cassette that cute girl in the world made for me that captured some of his early songs, and I couldn't even remember the name of his first band until this afternoon when I came across Bright Orange Folder, a small mp3 archive of his previously cassette-only songs.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, she's got it." Now all I need to do is track down mp3's of Bouffant Jellyfish and the rest of the Texas Funk alumni. It'll be like hearing the Smoking Popes on the 7-inch for the first time.

Trivia: I also just learned that Billy from Dillinger Four was in Scooby Don't. "Trailer Park Queen," anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Heath, Andrew "Mr." Graham here.

My ex-bandmate Morgan maintains that "Somebody Please Kill Lenny Kravitz" was the only good Scooby Don't song. Me, I can't remember; the only one in myposession is on one of those old "I Can't Belive It's Water" comps, which I can't sell because it's on some sweet colored/marbled vinyl. But for the record, Billy was also in Man Afraid, which was sort of the D4-roots hardcore yin to Scooby Don't's pop-punk yang.

I am scum. I am bacteria. I am a record geek.

Andrew aka xdonricklesx, yo

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard/seen the name Bouffant Jellyfish in FOREVER!
If you track down some mp3 I'd love to know where!