Thursday, September 02, 2004

Mixed Drinks and Mingling VIII

Last night, after bidding a fond adieu to an intern at Margarita Murphy's -- which two female friends said "smelled like feet" -- I headed to Table 50 at Broadway and Bleecker to meet up with Parul for the Topic Magazine issue release party. To celebrate the publication of the Food issue, which features a disturbing pictorial entitled "Frog Meets Mouse," they enlisted one Crazy Legs Conti to eat a sculpture of Dick Cheney made with mashed potatoes.

I was a little underdressed in my Eric Conveys an Emotion T-shirt, but I had a great time. Parul introduced me to her friends Nan Mooney, author of My Racing Heart, and jeweler Stephen Kris I availed myself of a couple of $6 Heinekens and explored the red-lit, mirrored hallway to the bathrooms. I even accidentally made my way into the women's room: "That's strange; the M is hanging upside down."

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