Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Television-Impaired XVII

Warner Bros. shot an episode of Third Watch in Brooklyn today. They fliered the streets warning of tow trucks scheduled to arrive last night at 8, and this morning, I woke to light snow and an empty street in front of my Brooklyn abode. Several workers who'd just put out traffic cones sat on the hood of a car smoking, and around the corner, a long row of trailers lined up, lingering. I think that a couple of the trailers were bathrooms, but then there was one that seemed to be dedicated to the talent. Not that I would have recognized anyone from the show, but I was hoping to see someone involved in the production. I was left with masking tape labels marking the ready rooms for "Svensky" and "Stunts." I wonder whether they were dramatizing the block fire earlier this year -- and what the episode's air date is.

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