Saturday, February 21, 2004

Newspaper Chase VI

Even if you don't regularly read the New York Post, if you're a Media Dietician worth your salt, you should at least pick up the Monday editions. Every Monday, the Post publishes "On the Newsstand: A Weekly Magazine Summary" in the business section. Weekly, writers take a look at pre-release editions of the major newsweeklies -- Newsweek, Time, and The New Yorker -- hitting the highlights of the most-recent issues. In addition, the writers pick a section of the newsstand to profile other magazines you might not be reading. Jan. 19, the subject was skiing. Feb. 2, music. Feb. 9, women. Considering rival titles in the same niche, the column addresses content as well as design -- and context. While the 0- to 4-star ratings are next to useless -- and a waste of a good four column inches -- the roundup is well worth reading. By turns summary and snarkiness, it's a lively eye on the newsstand. Kudos to the Post! Thanks for helping make Monday my fun day.

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