Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Comics Commotion II
Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions recently announced that the film rights to Jason Hall and Matt Kindt's comic Mephisto and the Empty Box has been optioned for feature film development. This might very well be the first movie inspired by an independent comic. Correct me if I'm wrong.

From the news release:

"Hollywood Producer Joe Singer (Dr. Dolittle, Dante's Peak) and entrepreneur Janet Jensen's new production company, Singer/Jensen Entertainment, has optioned the rights to Top Shelf Production's critically acclaimed comic book Mephisto and the Empty Box for feature film development.

"Written by Jason Hall and illustrated by Matt Kindt, Mephisto and the Empty Box is part of the creators' well-renowned Pistolwhip series of books (included in Time Magazine's List of Top 10 Comics of 2001). While the creators are excited their work may make it to the big-screen, they really hope that the Hollywood attention will help bring the comics themselves to a wider audience.

"The screenplay for Mephisto will be written by Michael Browning (Bad Company, Six Days, Seven Nights). The story involves a couple with a troubled marriage who attend a magic show. The woman volunteers for the disappearing act but the magician (Mephisto) dies in the middle of the trick. With the wife missing, the husband embarks on a metaphysical journey to bring her back. Alva Entertainment will executive produce."

Congratulations to all involved!

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